Opening Reception & First Friday: March 30, 7-10 pm,

Additional Gallery Hours: March 31-April 10,

Tuesday to Friday, 12-6 pm

Saturday, 12-5 pm

I have always wanted to be a potter, to feel and to mold clay. For many years it was a hobby as I pursued my life’s work as a scientist. Since my retirement I have become interested in photography as well as my pottery and they have taken on a Wildlife and Nature theme. I see my interest in Wildlife and Nature as A CONTINUUM of my life’s work as a scientist. From my prior interest in and examination of the human species, to my more recent exploration of Mother Nature in all her majesty, the evolution has been quite natural. I love spending time outdoors observing and learning about wildlife, its beauty and its behaviors. Photographing wildlife can be particularly challenging as it often presents a moving target but it can also be very satisfying when you capture a moment in time. And I am fortunate to be able to travel the world to observe species that I could never see otherwise. Seeing an elephant in its natural environment, but so close that you could almost touch it, is truly a humbling experience. My hope is to capture and share a small part of what I have seen and experienced in my photography and in my pottery.

Diane Blakeley, a Winnipeg native, has spent most of her adult life as a scientist. But she has always had a keen interest in the arts. She particularly loves the medium of clay and has taken classes at the Stoneware Studio for many years working mostly with porcelain clay. She enjoys carving into her pieces and the theme of her carvings has evolved over time. Recently the theme is increasingly Wildlife and Nature.

In recent years, since her retirement, she has also become interested in photography, again mainly Wildlife and Nature. This is complemented by her love of travel. In 2016 she traveled to Africa on Safari, a life-changing experience, which has helped nurture her interest in her photography as another art form. More recently she travelled to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador to explore wildlife found nowhere else in the world. She considers herself truly blessed to be able to travel the World in search of new and exciting experiences.