Street meter parking and parkades are located all over the exchange district.  The Street Pay Station Tickets are transferable to different locations all over the entire exchange and downtown area.

Monday to Friday you need to pay until 5:30 pm.  After 5:30 pm parking is free.

For Opening Reception Nights when Canadian Footwear and Western Paint are closed, the owners have allowed our patrons to park in their lots.  Do not park there during their business hours or you will be towed.  Western Paint says we can park in the centre of their lot, not on the exterior lot spaces as those are for their renters in the area.

Saturdays you can park for 2 hours for free then you are required to pay or move your car to a new parking space.

Please make sure you read the signs carefully. In high traffic areas such as William Avenue, they have limits on the time that you park and your car will be towed if you do not read the signs!

To read more about parking please refer to the Winnipeg Parking Authority website.

We do recommend that you take a bus when travelling downtown. Many routes stop by the Concert Hall and City Hall which is only a few blocks from cre8ery — you can tour the shops and galleries without worrying about your meter.

Please let me know if this information is helpful, its something new on our website!