Frequently Asked Questions: The Answers

Is cre8ery a collective?

cre8ery is an incorporated business, owned and operated by Jordan Miller. Studio artists and members are not involved in the day to day business at cre8ery.  They operate their businesses through their studios.  Jordan manages all other aspect of cre8ery.

Is there a fee to attend an exhibit? 

We have a donation jar at the sales desk. Donations help maintain cre8ery. The art is for sale which is how we pay rent, utilities, and gallery supplies and staff.

Do I need a membership to be a part of cre8ery?

To sell art in the auxiliary gallery, you must be a member. To host a show in the main gallery, you do not need to be a member

Am I allowed to enter studios when visiting cre8ery? 

An open door is an invitation to come in! Don’t be shy!  We like visitors! If a door is locked or closed it means, please come back another time as an artist is either busy or not in their studio.

I am interested in buying art from the gallery, who do I talk to? 

Please speak to Jordan, or call 204-944-0809, gallery director, she will happily assist you. 

I don’t see the kind of art I am looking for, can you recommend some art and artists I can look into?

Please ask, we’ll be happy to help! Many of our artists create in a style you may be looking for.  We don’t have all of our artists’ works up all the time. Our members have their works up for only 5 weeks out of a year. Our main gallery shows are only open for 10 days every two weeks.  We likely can find exactly what you are looking for, if you give us some time to look around for you. We will email you works for you to preview and then make arrangements for you to view the works in person.

what method’s of payment do you accept? 

Art & Memberships: Cash, Interact, credit card, email transfers, and paypal (chqs as a last resort, 14 day hold on art).  Rentals: Cash, Chq or e-transfers.

Auxiliary gallery purchases: can be picked up at time of purchase. Main Gallery Purchases can be picked up after the exhibition. 

I am an artist, how do I apply to the gallery? 

Feature exhibitions are in the main gallery, we are open to all artists.  Contact to be placed on our waiting list. There is a rental fee and a commission retained for each piece sold.

Are you government funded?

We do not receive funding. We have a ‘donation’ jar if you are interested in supporting our initiative.  We recommend both artists and patrons consider our memberships to support our gallery to keep us open to the public.

Where can I park?

Please check this link here for more info. And here for a map of our location! And here for our hours!