May 3, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

TreeMendous Art Statement

TreeMendous was conceptualized when John decided that a shaming insult wasn’t going to hold him back from creating what he was passionate about. The fire to create trees came from a visionary dream from his early twenties, and the drive come from a desire to have an impact on the world around him.

TreeMendous is a tremendous effort that John has undertaken. His goal of designing over two hundred single, diptych and triptych trees or forests of trees from around the world, is by far the most challenging artistic goal he has ever set, for a solo exhibition. Included are a few creatures that inhabit a forest, and will be presented through representational or fantastic interpretation. John has set out to use a large variety of techniques from traditional oils and acrylics to pouring mediums and wood burns, to create a forest alive in every season.

I certainly hope you will find your ‘flavour of ice cream’ in what I have created, be inspired, and enjoy the TreeMendous I have created.

John Izzard, a Winnipeg artist has been a self-taught practicing artist for many years, more seriously (2010-present). He responds to his curiosity through many different media such as; graphite, acrylics, special effects make-up for theatre, and various metals.

He has participated in many shared exhibitions, festivals and competitions, (2011-2015) John had his first solo exhibition, (2013) and is looking forward to a shared exhibition, (2016) with Jola Liebzeit. He became a studio artist at cre8ery, (2013-14)

Today John Royce Izzard is continuing to create wonderful works of art as a cre8ery artist, and will be looking forward to his 2nd solo exhibition at cre8ery in April 2019.