April 22, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Sum of All Parts by artist D’Arcy Singh

April 15 to April 27, 2021

Tuesday to Friday, 12-6pm

Saturday 12-5pm.

The Sum of All Parts 

Aristotle penned the quote “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” some 2400 years ago. I’ve thought about the quote in it’s entirety for a long time and derived that in my case, as I was thinking, MY “whole” is the sum of ALL parts. This encompasses my family, my hardships, my accomplishments and all of my thoughts—good or bad. I can apply this to my ever-changing art interests and what challenges I tackle in the next phase. And then Covid hit the world. Everything shut down. There was silence. And I began thinking about space—as we inhabit it—where we live and HOW we live. Our houses are made of boards and cement and nails. Some are much more luxurious than many and some are downright deplorable (by SOME standards). Is a home more of a home because of its “parts?” Tin panels, cardboard, pine planks, mud and cloth. Is it a home? Or does it require marble counters and brass fixtures for that to be considered.? The home, HOME is the sum of all parts. Where we feel safe. That is what this show reflects. It may mean something else entirely to you, but I hope you can see that this show represents, The Sum of All Parts.

D’Arcy Singh, Artist

D’Arcy Singh is a self-taught artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Professionally, D’Arcy is a dentist in a thriving practise spending her free time painting and time with her two school-aged children and husband of almost 12 years.  She has been painting and drawing since before she could walk inspired by her mother’s own creative talents.  Although she has not received any “formal” training in her work, she enjoys experimenting with acrylics, mixed media, encaustics, and resin and inks.  Her main love remains in landscapes and birch trees reminding her of her childhood summers spent in Lake of the Woods with her grandfather.

D’Arcy finds inspiration from all aspects of her life, past and present and is particularly taken with the beautiful prairie sunsets and endless horizons that only the prairies can provide.  She learns each time she paints and views failure as a means to broaden her skills. She is an active member of many local and Canadian associations with her work being in private collections across Canada and the United States.