February 26, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Murray Toews  with  Guest Artist Alex  Poruchnyk

Murry Toews, Strange Tourist: Souvenirs from an inner realm

Drawing and mixed media by Murray Toews, with guest artist: Alex Poruchnyk

Artist/short exhibition statement:

Strange Tourist: Souvenirs from an inner realm- is a fragmentary collection of drawings, paintings, “thought photography” and artifacts gathered from an inward journey.

Artist Short Bio:

Murray’s creative work spans the disciplines and media of drawing, print, film, audio-art, interactivity and digital / analog hand-drawn animation. He received a BFA first class honours degree with a thesis in advanced drawing from the U of M.

In 2012, his hand-drawn animation Thought Camera, Reel One: “Circus of Objects” was the official selection for the NSI Online Short Film Festival and the 2013 Gimli Film Festival Manitoba program. In 2018 he won a Tangent Animation Award for Best Short Animation / Experimental for his film “10 Years Before Happiness”- a subjective and allegorical autobiography as a young artist in Winnipeg in the late 1980’s .

Alex Poruchnyk, Prelude to “A Hole in the Earth a Mark in the Sky”Artist statement:

In this work Alex is fascinated and obsessed with all things 3D and this project is a cry for help. There may be a cure out there. Time will tell.
Alex Poruchnyk
Alex Poruchnyk is a Winnipeg video and installation artist. He is dedicated to storytelling through art. Themes of mortality and humanity’s relationship to nature and the elements have always been important to him. Alex’s research focuses on issues of multi-media, both 2-D and 3-D spaces expressed through video, 3-D animation, and sculptural constructions.
Poruchnyk taught at the University of Manitoba’s School of Art between 1989 and 2017. His single channel videos have been screened both at home and abroad, and his work can be found in collections including the Museum of Modern Art (New York). Alex has been actively involved in the arts community in Winnipeg since 1978. He was President of Plug-In in 1981, and executive member of the original Artspace Board, and co-founder of Video Pool.