June 26, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Due to COVID19 we had to delay many auxiliary gallery exhibition time slots for our members who would’ve been on display in the auxiliary gallery. We are hosting these artists in our main gallery from June 24th to July 7, regular business hours or by appointment. Below we have listed Main Gallery artists and Auxiliary gallery artists so you know where to find their work during these dates!

Tuesday 12-6

Wednesday 12-6

Thursday 12-6

Friday 12-6

Saturday 12-5

Main Gallery Featuring: Ann Layman, Svetlana Russco, Tim Peters, Monika Hansen, Jocelyn Rushworth, Carla Toews, Bill Rademaker, Andrew Crozier, Shirley Rayner, and Susan Hunter (possibly more TBA)

Auxiliary gallery: Eugene Kabrun, Barb Watson, Ingrid Lincoln, Chris Boult, Ully Hallick, Francine Martin, Ruth Kamenev, Tameem Safi, Corinne Flaws, Chris Wood, Tanisha Salokoh, Sandra Dalton, Jill Booker, Patricia Clapa, and Julia Penny.