June 30, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Artist Bio:

Jacobus van Houdt is a self taught artist from Winnipeg, Canada. From an early age, Jacobus has pursued his passion of art through various mediums including ink, water colour, and acrylic. Symbolism and impressionism have had heavy influences on Jacobus’ work, as well as his travels – having traveled to all seven continents.

Jacobus has had works in multiple galleries including Estudio Luna and Keepsake’s Art Gallery. His works have also been featured in numerous exhibitions including those in Great West Life, and in benefit of local charities including Osborne House and The Dream Room Project.
2020 marks a new year for Jacobus as he builds new partnerships with local galleries, most recent being the Cre8ery in working towards future exhibitions.
Show Statement:
Transcendence is a collection that details my personal catharsis. Art has always been my therapy – a means to overcome difficult life circumstance through the act of painting and sketching. Fantasy has always been a huge source of inspiration, being inspired by childhood movies such as The Neverending Story or The Chronicles of Narnia book series. Through mediums of acrylic, water colour, and ink I learned that I could create my own worlds as a means of escape. Fluid lines and bold colours envelope my pieces as my means of creating new realms. Over time I discovered that art can be used as a vehicle for change. Half the proceeds sold in this show will go towards Arcane Horizon – an organization that assists persons with developmental disabilities with community living supports to help them lead their best lives. I have realized that art is not just a means to change my circumstance, but can also be used to benefit the lives of others, which is the essence of this show.