August 7, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

The power of three is universal, the number of the whole, containing the beginning, the middle and the end; it represents the nature of the world as earth, water and air; it is human as body, spirit and mentality; it is life itself: “a time to be born, a time to live, and a time to die.” Three Cre8ery members have brought their art together in this exhibition which is inspired by all of these elements.

Lynda Gilchuk, Jackie Turnbull and Connie Wawruck-Hemmett are mature, strong and compassionate women, each with her own strengths as artist and as person, but their approach to art as evidenced in this show is very similar. All three paint intuitively, using texture and colour and their own personal stream-of-consciousness techniques to bring to life the power of three in its many manifestations.

Lynda, Jackie and Connie are similar in many ways, but they are definitely different as well, and it is those differences that add an extra element to the power of three in this collection. When all is said and done, these three fit together like the pieces of a puzzle—or like the parts of the triadic Yin-Yang-Yuan symbol which is represented in their collaborative signature piece for which the show is named.

Jackie Turnbull’s first forays into the world of art started in High School at Vincent Massey Collegiate with a desire to pick up credits on fun courses. Jackie remembers painting a huge, oversized American Robin on canvas. 

Jackie found employment after High School & left art behind for a number of years. She worked for four years at a small law firm and 31 years at Manitoba Telecom System  until early retirement in December 2015. In the early 2000s, While working at MTS in the Jackie felt that art had been put aside long enough and enrolled in an evening Drawing class at the Winnipeg Art Gallery (WAG) Studio with Rachael Tycoles. Jackie took on more evening classes and workshops at the WAG with various instructors including Doug Melnyk (Collage) & Milly Giesbrecht (Abstract Drawing). As well as weekend classes at Cre8ery with Jordan Miller & other art classes at McNally Robinson post retirement. It was Rachael Tycoles that made Jackie feel that she might actually have some artistic talent.

Jackie’s art appeared in a number of group shows at Cre8ery Gallery, Wayne Arthur Gallery, and Mentoring Artists for Women;s Art (MAWA). Jackie’s work has been featured in a solo show at Caked with Love Coffee Shop (on Corydon) and on the ‘Small Wall’ at Wayne Arthur Gallery. Jackie’s art is displayed on a month-to-month basis with Access Art 4 U, a Community Gallery in the Pets 101, 2573 Portage Avenue. She is a current member of Cre8ery and MAWA, and a former WAG member. In 2019 she was a participant in the 2nd Annual Harte Trail Studio Tour of artists in the Charleswood area. And although not always victorious, you can see Jackie’s work in art battles on the Facebook page ART Wars run by Peter Adams.

Connie Wawruck-Hemmett is a mostly self-taught visual artist who credits local artistic legend Ted Korol for first setting her on the road to expanding her artistic abilities during high school. Her plans at that time involved a future in costume design, instead she ended up working in the new field of data processing.

Since then–even while becoming a wife and mother, travelling the world with her offshore oilfield-working husband, acquiring two degrees in History from the University of Winnipeg (BA 1987, MA 1989), and working towards a PhD at Dalhousie University—she has always been involved in one type of art or another. Unfortunately, the discovery of two brain tumors in 1994, a very invasive surgery, and a lengthy period of recuperation brought her academic studies to an end, but she continued making art, often as a form of therapy after being diagnosed with PTSD.

During the past ten years Connie has devoted more of her time to her artistic pursuits, from fine needlework and clothing design, to jewelry design, ceramic art and painting with various mediums on a variety of substrates. Building on her academic teaching abilities, she offers classes in different art styles and techniques and is a certified ceramics instructor. Her work has appeared in a number of multi-artist shows, three solo exhibitions, and can often be seen at Cre8ery Gallery, Wayne Arthur Gallery, the Gwen Fox Gallery and the Edge Gallery; it is also held in both private and public collections in Canada and the United States. Connie is also a member of the East of the Red Artists group.

Lynda Gilchuk moved to Winnipeg from the Kootenays in B.C. in 1999. While in B.C. she worked in the traditional crafts that were popular in the 70s -90s – crochet (especially filet crochet), needlepoint and embroidery. When she moved to Winnipeg she experimented in scrapbooking and created several family history heritage albums and painted ornaments with alcohol ink to sell at craft fairs. Several years ago she discovered the wonderful, friendly galleries in the Exchange District and started taking workshops at Cre8ery. Lynda has taken various workshops including paper marbling, poured & pooling acrylic, image transfer, mixed media, encaustic, embroidery, beginner watercolor, beginner drawing and painting on silk.

Lynda’s love and fascination of colour, patterns, texture and the use of recycled, repurposed and found items is the starting point for her art in an abstract style. She works intuitively with passion for the process, experimenting with different mediums, techniques and her imagination — most always in acrylic. As a cre8ery member, her works were in 99 Pieces of Art (’16 & ’17), Plan D (’16) & the Auxiliary Gallery (’15). Her first solo show Serendipity was at cre8ery in Feb 2018.

She creates texture using common household and other found items – potato mashers, coasters, bottles, beads, buttons, mesh then adds several layers of acrylic paint, beads, doilies and many coats of varnish.  When Lynda retires from her full time career in the non-profit field, she hopes to devote her time being a full-time artist.