October 30, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Werner Blake, painting

This Autumn, The Interlake 8 is excited to exhibit at the fabulous Cre8ery Gallery. They are an artistic melange of kindred spirits who share a desire to spread the beauty and joy of life through their work. From the wildness of Nature to the civility of cafe connections, employing pencils, cameras, paintbrushes and – in one particular case his bare hands — the diverse creations of The Interlake 8 is sure to
appeal to a vast range of art lovers.



Barb Waterman, Painting

In addition to their excitement for art, if receptions are allowed at that time, they are also pretty excited about food so their exhibition reception promises to be a feast for the belly to go along with the feast for the eyes. They welcome the opportunity to connect with all to share their enthusiasm for creativity, artistic expression…. and appetizers. Hope to see you there!

This eclectic group of Nature lovers:

Werner Blake’s august, sweeping landscapes, meticulously crafted in minute detail, capture moments of natural raw beauty that leave a viewer breathless. He works in both oil and acrylic.

Hermina Hildebrand: Hermina’s curiosity and enthusiasm for all that surrounds her emanates from her work. From the wildness of Nature to the civility of café connections, Hermina’s paintings captivate.





Denise LeBlue Photography

Denise LeBleu: Denise describes the magical energy of her work perfectly when she says, “My love of nature and the outdoors are deeply embedded in my soul and for me photography has the power to bring people into the moment I experienced.”

Debbie Tonner: Debbie was born and raised in Nova Scotia. She’s been practicing art in a myriad of forms since 2000, but describes watercolour as her favourite medium.



John Valentine, Ceramics

John Valentine: John’s goal is to make pots that improve upon the ho-hum
functionality of generic, commercially produced pieces whilst also elevating the
aesthetic to create works of great beauty.

Johanna Vrienten: As a child growing up in difficult circumstances in Holland where
art supplies could not be afforded, Johanna would draw on any flat surface she
could find — paper bags, newspapers, receipts … Now in her 40th year of working in
oil paints, this creative drive remains as intense as ever.

Barb Waterman: Barb’s major at university was history but once she discovered art
history it became her main interest so on retirement from teaching she enrolled in a
class to learn the basics of watercolour and acrylic painting.

Charley Waters: Charley’s approach to her work is somewhat atypical. She
describes her process as “drawing shapes here and there, painting the shapes with a
extensive range of colours, and working away at this while I wait for them to form
something cohesive. ”