September 21, 2019 @ 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm

You may be asking yourself “What the am I looking at?” 

What you’re seeing is the result of a person who doesn’t listen.

After three decades of continuously having been told “No.  Don’t draw comics”, “Comics are for idiots, not real artists”, “No one cares about comics” and “Why bother?, I stopped listening.  I don’t break rules, I just tend to bend them. A lot.

I am a writer who draws.  First and foremost.  

There are stories in my mind that need to put into print and posted online in digital format.  

At this show you will see my work in a variety of formats, ranging from pen & ink original artwork, to prints to comic books. 

The original art on display will include pages from the first four issues of my comic book series, Lucha Mystery as well as original pages from my other comic book series, Murder City Devil.  Both titles are published by Sacramento’s Scattered Comics.

Also included are pages and covers from Lucy Chaplin:  Science Starlet, published by Sugar Skull Media (Austin, TX) 

In addition to the published, original sequential art, there will be artwork of various comic book covers, event posters and pop culture pin-ups. 

Look at and read my stuff and have fun.

I guarantee you will be entertained.

Hailing from the godforsaken winter hell that is Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, Evan Quiring (pronounced Kwy-Ring) has been working on and off in the indy comics scene since 2002. In addition to being the writer & artist on Scattered Comics’, Lucha Mystery, he has done artwork for various publishers including Heroic Publishing, Dynamite Entertainment, Alternative Comics, Red Eye Press, Ronin Studios, Afterburn Studios, Markosia, Lonely Robot Comics, Forged Vision Studios and Sugar Skull Media.