October 1, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Cowboys and Characters on Canvas

Diamond Doug Keith

A uniquely creative exhibit combining the roots based art of Diamond Doug Keith and urban grittiness and charm.

Doug offers the life of a Cowboy and the elegance of the horse through his Acrylic Paintings. Doug creates emotional portraits of intriguing characters. Each having a story captured in paint or through a lens. Mixed into these characters is people of character whom have over come adversity to thrive in life.

DD is able to capture the cowboy way of life through his art, poem and stories. Some time ago he was hospitalized for five and a half months due to a training accident with an abused horse. It was his art that got him though the ordeal and gave him back his life, the western life he still lives today.

For most of his time on earth DD has had either a paintbrush or a set of bridle reins in his hand. His main painting medium is Acrylic utilizing both a wet and dry brush technique to create a semi realistic style. Doug also veers into other mediums as well.