Our multipurpose room/studio can be rented by individuals, groups or organizations for: small creative projects, meetings, rehearsals, mini events, mini craft shows, pop up shows and classes on any topic for approx. 10 students, club meetings, AGMs, baby or bridal shower, children’s birthday parties. A relaxed environment, available almost anytime mornings, day, or evenings beyond regular hours. We have rates for different scenerios and blocks of time. If you are unsure of where you best fit please email jordan@cre8ery.com

Classroom size, approximetly: 16.5ft x 24.5ft

Classroom or multipurpose room rental rates, available for:

    • artistic or non artistic workshops
    • meetings/conferences
    • clubs, not just for artists!
    • small events or pop up shops
    • have an idea: just ask!

Room comes with:

  • 6 tables, 10 easels, 12 chairs + drawing boards.
  • 2 large Wipe off boards, black marker, eraser
  • coat hooks for up to 10
  • Guest wifi

Please note our rates have changed.


  • during business hours: 2 hours or less available for one on one meetings, no art, table and chairs only: $20, room set up by renter
  • non business hours: 2 hours or less, $40
  • during business hours: 4 hours or less: $40, includes set up and take down
  • non business hours: 4 hours or less: $65 (Includes pop-ups and First Fridays also), includes set up and take down. (this works out to 16.25/hour)
  • during hours + after hours, 4-8 hours: $90, includes set up and take down (this works out to $11.25/hour), includes pop up shops, full day rentals.
  • Super Sized Weekend: Friday 5pm to Tuesday 12noon: 24-7 access to renter and students/conference, doors not open to public: $195
  • 1 week: ie: Thursday 12pm to Wednesday 6pm: $250* does not include exhibitions
  • Pop up shops with art on the walls, $250 plus a commission, available only during business hours.

*if you are a member, please note there will be a $5 discount on regular hour rentals, 1x per year; There will be a $10 discount on 4 hours or more rentals, 1x per year.

Location: cre8ery studio, 125 Adelaide Street, 2nd fl. 204.944.0809

Classroom Testimonial

June 18, 2015: “Thank YOU Jordan, my father’s birthday / art show was a huge success with many, many thanks to you. Your space is beautiful and the classroom suited our needs perfectly for the display of his art. Your large art gallery was lovely for the mingling and more social aspects of the birthday party. People had fun! I also appreciate how easy and flexible you were to deal with and so very helpful! We’d love to book another event at the Cre8ery! Thanks again -Kirsten”